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Yosemite Falls 5/2/06

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Horsetail Falls 5/1/06

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Welcome to my pages of stock photographs that I have compiled over the last 30 years of living here in Yosemite National Park. I have been active in rock climbing, skiing, hiking, camping and many other activities found in Yosemite.This has enabled me to photograph people engaged in the varied sports found in Yosemite. I have a huge library of images on 35mm Fuji Velvia slide film taken with a Canon AE2 or as digital taken with the Canon 20D. My work has been used all over the world in publications and for ads found in patagonia, Black Diamond and many adventure magazines.

All Yosemite stock photos are available as prints or files.You can order framed prints here. I work with which has a huge selection of frames and matt's and the print will be delivered directly to your home.

All stock photographs, digital photographs, or digital images are copyright protected and may not be used for any purpose without my written permission.

I am also available for film (movie/commercial) production scouting and on site assistance in Yosemite. With 30 years of experience in Yosemite I know all the unusual locations, shortcuts, lodging and other critical information to make your shoot go much smoother here in Yosemite.

My services can provide for your Yosemite film production;
  • Suggest Yosemite locations that film crews would never know about.
  • Rope riggers and climbers.
  • Local Yosemite talent.
  • Porters to move your gear.
  • Help you deal with the Yosemite National Park Service
  • Move your crew more efficiently around the park.
  • Do you know when to expect the traffic jams in Yosemite Valley?
  • Help predict when light and other conditions may exist at a certain location.
  • Find the best and most convenient lodging for your crew.
  • Point out shortcuts that would otherwise be unknown to you.
  • Let you know when NPS is planning control burns so you get the cleanest atmosphere conditions.
  • Resume and references available upon request.

Chris Falkenstein


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